Flooding and water damage

, , - Mario Conte - April 25, 2024

Preventing and Managing Flood and Water Damage: Caution is Key

Annually, many residents in Quebec face the destructive force of nature during spring. The melting snow leads to flooding and water seepage, potentially causing significant damage to properties. To safeguard your home and manage potential issues effectively, here are essential guidelines.

Home Protection Strategies

To mitigate risks, promptly clear snow from around your property, ensuring it melts away from the structure, thus minimizing infiltration chances. Additionally, prevent the build-up of ice and snow on roofs, balconies, and pools. If snow removal or de-icing poses a challenge, consider employing a professional to ensure thoroughness.

Preventive Measures for Basement Flooding

Ideally, actions to prevent basement flooding should occur in autumn. Key measures include:

- Ensuring gutters are clean and properly connected to avert rainwater seepage.
- Sealing basement windows and installing window wells for windows close to the ground (less than 20 cm).
- Examining and repairing any cracks or signs of efflorescence on basement walls, potentially necessitating a contractor's services.
- Checking the functionality of the French drain and catch basin, along with the check valve's flap gate, which must be clean for optimal operation.

Response to Flooding or Water Damage

1. Call a plumber and shut off the main water supply.
2. Promptly contact your insurance provider to initiate the claims process.

Prioritize safety before addressing water damage. In case of such incidents:

For cleanup, dry all affected areas, utilizing fans, dehumidifiers, and water-specific vacuum cleaners. Positioning damp furniture vertically can facilitate even drying. Elevate furniture on blocks or relocate it to undamaged areas to prevent further harm. Document the damage with photos and itemize the affected belongings.

Retain any defective parts or piping as evidence for insurance claims.

Insurance Coverage Considerations

Many mistakenly assume their home insurance covers flood damage. While home insurance can cover various water-related damages, including overflow incidents, internal causes like plumbing failures are typically covered under standard policies.

For risks like sewer backup or external water intrusion, consider enhancing your policy with additional coverage. Maintaining an updated inventory of your possessions, supported by photos and purchase receipts, stored safely outside your home, proves invaluable for insurance claims. Prioritizing safety and preparedness is crucial.

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