Are you planning construction or renovation work?

- Mario Conte - May 31, 2024

Applying for a building or renovation permit can take from 24 hours to six months, depending on the nature and complexity of the work. Times also vary according to the municipality and the preparation of your file. It's crucial to submit a complete file, as a missing document can delay the granting of a permit by several weeks.

Many people don't see the need for this procedure, perceiving it as interference by municipalities. However, the granting of permits serves a number of specific purposes, including controlling the nature of the work to ensure a uniform and safe built environment. For example, knowing that a permit is required may dissuade your neighbor from extending his bungalow right up to your property line using non-compliant materials. What's more, permits generate revenue for municipalities through processing fees.

In some municipalities, up to half the residents who carry out work do not apply for a permit, fearing the impact on their property taxes. And yet, the reassessment of the property following the granting of a permit is an asset when it comes to resale. The seller can more easily justify the asking price thanks to a higher municipal assessment.

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