Montreal Housing Purchase Assistance Initiative

, - Mario Conte - January 12, 2024

Do you aspire to own a property in Montreal? A grant program is available to help you achieve this goal. You could receive financial assistance for purchasing an apartment, a house, or a residential building.

To benefit from this program, you must meet certain eligibility criteria, and the value of the property must not exceed the established ceiling.

This program can be combined with other financial aids or tax reliefs offered to new homeowners or first-time buyers by provincial or federal governments.

Eligibility Criteria:

New homeowners:

  • All household types are eligible for a new property.
  • For an existing property, you must have at least one child under 18 years old. Current homeowners:
  • For any type of property, you must have at least one child under 13 years old. Definitions:
  • You must not have owned a residence in Quebec in the 5 years preceding the purchase, except for a cottage.
  • Child: This includes a child already born or a child to be born or adopted within 9 months following the purchase. The child must live with you at least 40% of the time.

Financial Assistance Details - The assistance varies depending on:

  • The nature of the property (new or existing).
  • The composition of the household (single or couple, with or without children).
  • The location of the property (downtown or outskirts).

For New Properties:

  • The assistance ranges from $5,000 to $15,000.
  • The purchase price includes taxes and extras (e.g., appliances, renovations).
  • The value of parking space, if included, is not considered in the maximum price ceiling.
  • For properties with environmental certification, the maximum eligible amount can be increased (Novoclimat: +$2,500, LEED: +$5,000).

For Existing Properties:

  • The assistance is a reimbursement of the land transfer tax.
  • Maximum purchase price: $725,000.
  • Financial assistance: between $5,000 and $7,000.
  • The land transfer tax must be paid in full within 12 months of the invoice issuance to be eligible for financial assistance.

Conditions to be Met:

The conditions vary depending on whether it is a new or existing property.

  • Undivided co-ownerships are not eligible.
  • Commitment to remain the owner for at least 3 years and to establish it as your primary residence.
  • In case of sale, you must purchase another property in Montreal and establish it as your primary residence within the month following.
  • Keep all supporting documents.
  • The City may conduct verifications up to 5 years after the grant is awarded.
  • Non-compliance with commitments or absence of required documents may result in the repayment of the assistance.

Application Procedure:

Respect the deadlines for an admissible request. For an accepted but not finalized purchase offer: submit the application 18 months before the signing of the deed of sale and no later than 1 day before this signature.

For an already purchased property: submit the application within 6 months following the registration in the Land Registry.

Sending the Application:

Fill out the form here and send it with the required documents by email, in person, or by mail. Important Information - Deadlines for Applications

It is imperative to submit your application within 6 months of the transaction's registration in the Quebec Land Registry. This is required even if the invoice for the land transfer tax (commonly called the "welcome tax") is not yet available.

You can submit your application:

  • by email: [email protected]
  • in person: at an Accès Montréal office
  • by mail: Service de l’habitation, 303 Notre-Dame Street East, 4th floor, Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 3Y8

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