Get Ready for a Smooth Move!

, , - Mario Conte - May 17, 2024

Just bought a new home or signed a lease? Follow this essential checklist for a stress-free move!

90 Days Before the Move:

  • Set the Date: Lock in your moving day and book movers or recruit friends to help.
  • Plan the Logistics: If using friends, specify tasks, times, and expectations. Remember to borrow any necessary equipment like vehicles or moving tools.
  • Renting a Truck?: Compare rental centers, check for included equipment, and get full pricing details including insurance and taxes.

60 Days Out:

  • Update Your Address: Start by listing all entities that need your new address—employers, government agencies, banks, and insurance companies. Consider using services like the Service québécois de changement d'adresse in Quebec or ServiceOntario in Ontario to simplify the process.
  • Start Packing: Begin with less-used items to ease the last-minute rush. Label boxes clearly to save time and effort on moving day.

45 Days Before:

  • Insurance Updates: Adjust your home and auto insurance to match your new situation. Inform your insurer if you’re working from home, making renovations, or installing security systems to possibly lower your premiums.

30 Days to Go:

  • Final Preparations: Increase packing efforts. Explore your new neighborhood and begin transferring your utility and medical records.
  • Plan for Moving Day: Stock up on supplies like markers, tape, and protective materials for fragile items.

The Day Before:

  • Confirm Details: Double-check times with your movers and ensure you have snacks and water ready. Position boxes near the exit to streamline the move.
  • Essentials Kit: Pack a personal bag with essentials you’ll need easy access to.

Moving Day:

  • Stay Organized: Keep essential documents handy and take time to thank your helpers. Remember, your home insurance covers you today for any mishaps, whether it’s damage to belongings or personal injuries to helpers.

After the Move:

  • Final Updates: Make sure to complete any last-minute address changes and enjoy settling into your new home!

This guide keeps the essential steps top of mind, ensuring you’re fully prepared for every phase of your move.

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