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    Anjou is a borough of Montreal bounded by two main rivers: Rivieres Des Prairies on the east and the north and Mercier to the south. On the western side, it shares its borders with Saint-Léonard.

    Due to its landscape, the people of this city can enjoy the serenity and reminiscent of suburban life. You can also consider this as one of the significant economic sectors of this region.

    On the other side, if you look at the residential scope of the area, it mainly has single-family homes and apartments. But you can also get condos and triplexes, and duplexes, whichever might suit your requirement.

    There are plenty of development projects in Anjou that will bring up constructions of townhouses and manufactured lakes.

    Downtown -Montreal

    The Impressive Fact About Anjou:

    It has nearly 1000 employers and around 30000 job opportunities for potential employees in the industrial sector. So, if planning to relocate to this area, you have vast opportunities to get employment and meet your daily living needs.

    Leisure and lifestyle:

    •       Many public parks and green spaces for sports activities
    •       Libraries that provide access for enhancing your knowledge
    •       Golf course for indulging in the sports
    •       Trampoline center & indoor court for recreation

    Therefore, residents are fortunate to have access to everything they require in their day-to-day living.  

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